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How It Works

How does the platform work?

Propati Tracka website is developed to enable citizens’ map and share information of property illegally acquired by politically exposed persons and civil servants. It works in a way that allow users create account with a username, email and password.  When a user click the “Register to Submit Property” button, it navigates to a page where they can either create an account, login or reset password as the case may be. Once a user register with a username and email, the website automatically sends a login link to your email inbox or spam.

When the link is clicked, it redirects back to propati tracka website where the user can now enter a unique password that will enable access to the created profile whenever the user choose to login and send a report. This one-time link expires in 24hours if not used to set a password. When the password is confirmed Ok, it shows that the user is logged in and can then send a report to the website. The user can now go ahead to click the “submit report” button to fill the reporting template and hit the save button to send his/her report.

When a report hits the platform, it becomes inactive and unpublished for citizens to view and read until the site admin hits publish after the report has been verified with the relevant agencies. When the verification processes has been completed, such report can now be made public for everyone to access and share via social media handles.

In reporting a property, user must make sure that a correct address/entire information is provided. If the correct address is provided, the website automatically picks it up from google map and indicates the exact location with a red pointer for easy identification.

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