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Propati Tracka website is easy to access, it helps you track, map and share information of illegally acquired property of Politically Exposed Persons/Civil Servants in three focal districts of Abuja. The focal districts of Abuja are Maitama, Wuse and Asokoro.

Please Note: Propati Tracka project only focuses on the three districts of Abuja highlighted above.. No contents in the states.

Propati Tracka seeks to bring about transparency in the property market, unraveling who owns which property and who is paying the correct property tax to government.

Citizens, CSOs working with government on anti-corruption; citizens can use the platform to report property ownership to help government follow up on issues of taxation and others.

The Fight against Corruption begins with YOU!

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Testimonials from Government Agencies



The federal government on Thursday, July 12, disclosed plan to unveil 200 names of people who own illicit property in Maitama Abuja, Mr. Obono-Obla made this known while Inaugurating the property tracker platform. He said the fight against corruption is for all Nigerians because “we are all victims of corruption.”

The war against corruption has begun. We can see that the civil society is very enthusiastic, the civil society is very committed and dedicated. And this is what we have been asking for. “For me, this is one of the most important contributions to fighting corruption. It is very encouraging idea to support the anti-corruption stride of this administration.”

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